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Subject: Farm Family 8All rights reserved by author. You must be of legal age to read or please
move on. Contains Male on Male unprotected sex. Do be safe at all times.
This is not a true story. Meet with the Author Kevin Kelly Second Sunday
of each month at " Uncle's" a Gay bar in Philadelphia, Pa. locust and
Comac sts. between 12th and 13th on Locust. 2 to 4 PM. Talk enjoy.
write just stop on by ask for Kev. any resemblance to
any person living or dead is purely coincidental. The week past and the big day arrived. We were landing now in
Philadelphia Pa. Jed, Eric and myself had never really been far from the
Farm and Our town. This was a whole new exciting world Dad was opening
for Us. Not just the trip as it turns out but the whole sexual revolution
we three had going on among Us. I landed in Philadelphia a total Gay man
much armored of My own Brothers and Father. dad for His own reasons had
decided against joining in with Jed and Eric? He had a few more brief
encounters alone with me when He let me suck and fuck Him and He'd suck
me that was as Far as we had gone. Frank never let on if he and Dad were
making love at night alone in their bed. But I'd bet on it. While I
longed so much for the five of Us to get into it I was now much too
excited about Philadelphia to let anything else cross my mind.
We were checking into the Holiday Inn at 13th and Walnut. dad had
arranged a suite of rooms for the five of us on the 14th floor
overlooking center City. The suite consisted of two bed rooms each with a
King sized bed. The eauropean lolita rape videos
Boys as he put it in one He and Frank like at home in
the other. Between the two was a large living room with a small kitchen
off of it and a Balcony There was a beer fully stocked in the living room
and the largest TV set I've ever seen in my life. We had a full bath in
each room as well as a half bath beside the bar. 9 came in handy) We had
decided we were all too excited to even shower and change. Having eaten
on the flight We decided to head on out to the Philly night life. Past 7
PM now on a Wednesday Frank was saying the bars should be popping I was
excited knowing He meant the "
Gay" bars. I was going out to my first ever real honest to God Gay bar.
We walked into the round bar on Locust street and it was
pretty hopping already. We were able to find five seats together after
two men saw our dilemma and moved for us. ( Philly is a Friendly place I
thought) I was seated next to "Eric with His good looks all eyes were
soon turned our way. Now Eric then was just 18 and myself only 19 while
Jed was all of 20 but still illegal to drink. Frank said He had enough
pull to get us served so long as We acted quite and respectful.
Looking around the bar I saw Gay men of all ages and description. Older
younger handsome average. i like the mix, It was interesting.
The Bar tender greeted Frank to my surprise with a kiss leaning over the
bar and sue enough served Frank's buddies with no problem at all.
My jp photo bbs loli
eyes drifted down the bar sizing up the various Men. I
stopped at one guy middle aged and preteen nymphet lolita nude very handsome with Hair much like Us
Kelly's had strawberry blonde. In fact he looked a lot like some long
lost Brother of Dad's? The Gentlemen next to me saw me looking down there
and listening to this Guy and said." That's Kevin Kelly, He runs a mature JO club and writes Gay porno."My mind was blown away. here was a man who looked like one of us a Kelly
and His name is Kelly too. Plus I was very intrigued at the idea of a His
running a " Mature JO" club and not so much a Hill Billy I didn't know
what the JO stood for. Plus a " Gay porno " writer. I just had to meet
this man.I said. " Ah do You know this guy well?The good looking stranger said. " Hell Yes i go to His JO club. Would you
like me to introduce You to Him. I know Kevin would love to meet a
handsome Guy like You."I looked over at the handsome man and he was the center of a group of men
who seemed to be hanging on his every word. My new found buddy called up
the bar." Hey Kevin come here a minute I've got somebody who wants to meet You."Kevin looked at the man and then at me He smiled this handsome Irish
smile so arm and friendly at Me and then said. " Be right there Carl." He
was looking preteen lolita's sucking cock past me and then added. " Holy fuck is that you Frank?From the right of me next to Eric I heard Frank saying " Sure the hell
is old buddy."The two men Frank and Kevin were heading to each other behind the stools
and soon in each others arms. After a hug and kiss Frank bought Kevin
over and was saying." Kevin Kelly Meet Kevin Kelly"Kevin was shaking my hand very strongly and saying. " Wow really we're
both Kevin's and Kelly's I'll be dammed."I introduced him down the line to Jed and Eric and Dad. Dad ordered a
round of drinks and even the bar tender Todd was kidding Us about being
related. Our life stories were exchanged and Kevin couldn't get over the
fact that we were all Gay. This was the first time in front of the others
that lolita preteen 13yo model Dad had let out about his being into cock. Kevin told about his
writing and the parties He ran at his home a JO party for men over 40. He
looked at Me and Eric and Jed saying." Now You all being Kelly's of course Your welcome no matter the age if
You guy's are into lolita preteen 13yo model us older men? Dad was full of shocks and surprises for
us that night in Philly. he said." We'll be there the four of Us this Wednesday. We Irish have to stick
together." Kevin gave Us the phone number and address after explaining
the details. Seems Kevin get 30 men together they chip in 15.00 for the
food and ad in the Gay news. all agree to undress and are free to touch
and suck all the others there. I was stealing looks down at Kevin's
crotch and seeing his well defined Irish cock I was hot for the Man.
Kevin had to excuse himself and head back to his group with the promise
to see Us all on Wednesday.
The beers were flowing freely that first night and We preteen nymphet lolita nude
headed up to the Tavern on Camac. another club for drinks and to hear the
piano player. While there it was Eric who said to Us all." You know Guys When we show up at this other Kevin's house for that
orgy. We have to all agree like He said to be willing to let anybody
there feel us up and suck Us? Well that includes the five of Us tool. So
dad You and Frank have to be open to all of Us feeling and sucking your
cocks. Both of You."Dad smiled and said " Hell Eric no need to wait until Wednesday We have
the whole night before Us. We'll have our own orgy back in the Hotel."Frank smiled too and it was set. We all were going to get it on. I turned
pulled Eric my handsome Kid brother into my arms and kissed him.Write with comments and ideas. No Flames are answered or
wanted. Give You age for legal reasons and a photo of the Author will be
read opening for instructions on meeting in person with the Author. Check
out my other stories in by going to authors and scrolling down
to Kevin. Please do support Nifty and keep this wonderful site going.
Kevin Kelly
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